Sunday, November 13, 2005

How to Build a Cantenna

As promised, I am now posting pictures and instructions that I used to build my cantenna. As always, if you injure yourself or damage your equipment, or get in to any kind of trouble, I cannot be held responsible. Do at your own risk!

Things you'll need:

A wireless adapter with an external antenna port

  • An N-femail connector
  • 2 inch, 12-gauge copper wire
  • 4 #6, short screws
  • One can

  • A drill, or a nail and hammer with some patience.
  • Solder and a soldering iron.

Step 1: Get a wireless card that has an external antenna connector. These are surprisingly hard to find. Check out E-bay, there are several Orinoco, IBM Wavelan, or Buffalo PCMCIA cards that will do the trick.

For the brave, you can also modify several existing cards or USB devices to create an external antenna connector. This is what I chose to do. I have a Linksys WUSB11 wireless USB network adapter. If you pop it apart by removing the screw under the top left rubber foot (voiding your warranty of course), there is an MMCX connecter that is used to connect the existing antenna. (on versions 2.5 and above, previous versions you will have to buy a connector and solder it in yourself.) Just disconnect the antenna from the connector, and you have a nice port you can use for your cantenna.

Step 2: Get a can. Don't bother with different cans, enough people have tried these things, if you want to know how to build a cantenna, then do it right. Use a can the size of a Nalley Chile or Nalley Beef Stew can. (About 3.9 inches in diameter).

Step 3: Buy an "N Connector". You can buy these all over the place online, or in some electronics stores. I just bought mine on E-bay. Get one with the mounting holes so you can mount it to your cantenna.

Step 4: Buy a "pigtail" that you will use to connect your wireless card to your cantenna. Remember that different adapters have different types of connectors. One side needs to be an N-mail connector and the other end needs to be whatever you need to match your card. Just do a Google search for connector information for your card if you are unsure what type to get.

Step 5: Drill the holes for the connector. The distance from the back of the can must be as close to 1.78 inches as possible.

Step 6: Solder the copper wire into the N connector. Then cut the wire so that the length of the copper wire and the holder on the N connecter is as close to 1.21 inches as possible. The portion that sticks into the can altogether should be 1.21 inches.

Step 7: Insert the connector into the hole, and put the screws in. The screws should barely enter into the inside of the can. If your screws are too long, get some shorter ones or use some washers on the outside of the can to shorten them up.

Step 8: If you want to weather proof your cantenna for outdoor use, you can paint the outside and put a plastic lid over the cover. Make sure this lid will not block the radio waves that pass through it! I read somewhere that you can test whether it will block the waves by putting the lid in the microwave with a glass of water next to it. When you run the microwave, the water should get warm, but the plastic lid next to it should not. If it does, then do not use the lid. I used a lid from a La Choy Chow Mein Noodles can.

That's it! You have just learned How to Build a Cantenna Now just connect your wireless adapter to your cantenna with your pigtail and test it out. Use a program like NetStumbler to test your increased signal strength. Remember that the power of the antenna is doubled for every 3 dBm increase. (Notice that it will show the signal like this: -77. Therefore the higher the number (the less negative) the number gets, the better the performance.

Just remember that the measurements need to be as close to exact as possible. At 2.4Ghz, small variations make a big difference.

Cantenna Links:

  1. How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna The most popular and very informative cantenna building site. Go here to use the calculator if you would like to use different sized cans.
  2. Spreadsheet that has different sized cans and their calculations along with the optimum can size calculations.
  3. has great information on making reflectors for your AP. Easy to and cheap (practically free) to make and provide increased signal strength.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is cool stuff. I've heard of people using pringles cans. Comments?

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very informative. Has anyone ever intercepted BYU wireless from off campus? If so, how far away were you?

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Pringles cans used to be the most popular, but they are actually one of the worst performing cans, because of their dimensions. I posted some links at the bottom of the article that goes to a site that compares different cans and allows you to find the ideal can dimensions for 2.4Ghz.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice description, but what results have you seen? Also, what did your final price list end up as?

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I have been looking around for this. Your description is excellent and your pics are even better. I think I have all the connectors and cable out in my shed. I started data cabling back in 1981 when the IBM XT came out. I still got the original MB. My first homemade computer. I got it "one piece at a time".

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would this work with laptops with integrated WiFi cards? Is there a way to hook up the pigtail connector to an Ethernet cord or something?

At 2:55 PM, Blogger michael ciociola said...

2 things, 1 you can use a internal wifi card. It will have the same connector as the wusb11. I was wondering does anybody know how to remove the antenna?

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome Site, I was just wondering if you can post the dimensions of the can used. Thanks again for the info.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger dean said...

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At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for adapting this design to use a usb wireless adapter instead ???

At 3:43 AM, Anonymous Antenna Manufacture said...

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At 12:58 PM, Blogger Noel said...

1st shot at a Cantenna and wondering if I can hook it up to my wap's antenna and boost the signal from it to my laptop with internal intel wireless card. I have seen a lot about cantenna's and using them as receivers, but not for senders. I assume the same principles apply and it will work, but wondering if you think so also.

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DO NOT use a Pringles can. The can surface is no longer metalized... and their use has become a virtual urban myth. In short, they are now junk.

Use an old "presentation" liquor can, preferably one with a smooth bottom...most are; Jack Daniel's or maybe an expensive Scotch or Rye whiskey tin. They are often quite colorful and attractive, and at about 90mm they are a perfect size. Sometimes quite squarish but true waveguides are square... not round. You may find these tins at your local Sally-Anne thrift or second hand store... so look around. I found 2 today... they will probably go for only a few pennies. Or if you have deep pockets, buy a bottle of the good stuff, and consume the contents.

Make antenna 1 day later after hangover is gone.

Using a Ubiquiti "BulletHP" (+29db or nearly 1 watt and a hot receiver), I have connected to a home network from over 10 miles distant over open water. You screw the "bullet" straight on to the "N" connector eliminating feed line losses.... fit a 1/4" standoff on the can and mount it on to a camera tripod.

..very effective.

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